Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prayer Changes Things

As you might guess, this past week has been exhausting both mentally and physically. Sandwiching in as much work as possible between hospital visits has left very little time for blogging and internet, but I did happen to see where Big Sis has been updating you all and requesting your prayers. I am very thankful for friends like you all who took the time to pray for us. At one point, I was sure that the only thing keeping me on my feet were the prayers of my family and friends.

I must admit my faith was weak. When you get a bad report from the doctors, who are generally less eager to give time frames, and they say 24-48 hours, it is hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, we even began planning a funeral. But God has different plans for Mr. Green. It was not his time to go. Today he is talking, walking a few steps with a walker, and feeding himself. He has not lost his sense of humor either. He still gets disoriented, but he was doing that quite a bit before this hospitalization. We will talk to the doctor's tomorrow about moving him to a Skilled Nursing facility. They took his oxygen and IV's off today.

Just wanted to stop in and share this news with you today. I love and appreciate each of you.


Sista Cala said...

It is a wonderful fact that God changes things. But I find it even more inspiring to know that He changes people and the way that they view things.

It is often hard to fathom that He is a God of NO LIMITS.

Anonymous said...

Have been peeking in and trying to check on you.

You know that old devil is at work when not just one thing happens, but your whole world seems to be falling apart.
That's when he hits us from all sides.
Just remember to stay in God's word and reach out to others for help. Devil would rather us stay in hiding within ourselves, that way he wins.

Love ya--take care