Saturday, October 20, 2007

Are You Faster Than a Second Grader

Ok, it's not funny...but oh, who am I kidding, it's hilarious.

There was a little excitement at my son's school last week. One of his classmates (who shall remain unnamed) caused quite a stir. Apparently, the 7 year-old boy shoved a classmate and was punished by sitting out recess for 3 days. And while that may not seem a very harsh punishment, to this little boy it must have been unbearable to sit on the sidelines while his playmates frollicked.

According to my son, the little boy kept trying to sneak off his time-out bench and out into the playground. He was recaptured once, but broke free and took off running again. The teachers evidently carried walkie talkies and radioed for backup to the Principal and Vice Principal who came to help corral him.

He first headed towards the ball field, then towards the tennis court, and finally headed toward greener pastures and the woods nearby, with teachers in tow. I think the tally on teachers chasing him was up to 7. But that could be exaggerated, though I doubt it. My son named off 7 right off the bat. He said they all went different directions, fanning out to cover all avenues of escape.

"Mom, Ms. So-and-So couldn't even catch him, and she was in the war," my son laughingly told me. To which I replied, "So what were you guys doing, cheering him on?" "No, mom, we were shouting, "Go Ms._______ and Go Mr. ________." Smart boy, my son. No detention for him.

Finally, the PE coach (who trains for long marathons and runs on a regular basis) was the one to win the prize and stop the shenanigans. The 2nd grader got 10 days in school suspension to which my son's response was, "He's in solitaire (his word) just like Cool Hand Luke. He has to follow the librarian around all day." His best friend said the whole thing was better than watching wrestling. I tend to agree. I just wish I had been there with a video camera. I would be $10,000 richer now and on America's Funniest Videos. Maybe they should revamp that Jeff Foxworthy show and call it, "Are You Faster Than a Second Grader?"


Sista Cala said...

too funny. They should have just ignored the boy and he would have eventually come back to the building. He would have discovered that it is lonely out there--

Kathleen Marie said...

That is such a cute story. That poor little boy. I'll bet 3 days sitting out seems like three years to a 7 year old.

Bethany Pledge said...

This is histarical.

Sista Cala said...
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