Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Overdue Update

Hello everyone! I trust your summer is going well and you're just busy enjoying it, as I am. We have been out of town for the weekend. I have my 11-year anniversary coming up the 29th, so hubby and I decided to get away to Nashville this past weekend, since Sista Cala was off work and wanted to spend some time with Chase. We had a great, relaxing weekend. And I so enjoyed sleeping in both days. We went to Harvest Church in Murphreesboro where Bro. Manueal McGregor pastors. It was delightful to meet old friends of my husbands and see how their families have grown.

Bro. McGregor preached on Exodus 1 and 2 and about how Moses' mother, Jochebed's great faith and also of how the Israelites grew in spite of their afflictions. Hearing the story of Moses renewed my conviction that yes, I am on the right track with my first book, FROM PHARAOAH'S HAND. And I am eager to get back to hunt for a publisher.

Lately my husband's spirit has been quickened to write some new songs and get a new CD project underway. Yes, he has a gift for writing music that somehow amidst life's struggles he had let quiety slip by him. But I am glad to see his inspiration has returned and I hope that many good things come out of this renewed spiritual awakening. I will keep you updated on how it's going.

Stop by and let me know how you all are doing. I miss you when you're not here. P. S. I stopped by Diane's and found a site where you can plug your blog in and find out what it's rated. Here's what mine came back: Online Dating


Diane said...


I'm so glad that you had such a nice get away!

My brother-in-law and family have arrived safely from Dallas and we spent a few days up north and are now at our place getting ready for their daughter's 3 day horse show at the Minnesota State Fair. We will go back to our cabins on Saturday afternoon.

Summer is such a great time....sadly, it seems the days just whiz by!

Hope you have a great anniversary!!!! Congratulations!

I couldn't get your rating to pop up....my server must be acting up this morning? What was your rating?


C. H. Green said...

I got a G rating. Nor surprises there. LOL