Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sorry--Been Busy Working So I could--

Posting from Atlanta, Georgia tonight. Hubby and I are here for two days for his training for a new job! We are hopeful that this is the answer we have been waiting for. He can't wait to begin. We just got in from a Braves game. We drove the Frybaby, and so far so good. Though I really had my doubts. Sorry I doubted you babe. We were given free tickets at the gate by some college kids that had extra. How's that for blessings! We also got in about 6 hours of some great heart-to-heart about our goals and our future. Maybe the tide is finally turning. I just stopped in to really check on Heather. I'll be back in the morning to post the Worship Wednesday. Right now I just want to pass out on this wonderful bed...I tired...lol.

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