Sunday, May 20, 2007

More than Skin Deep

Okay, I tried camping out in the little cabin last night. I learned two things: One, I am too old for roughing it, and two, if you're going to camp out, don't do it when it is going to be 44 degrees during the night. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and I think that maybe I should have had at least two children, so that they could enjoy it together.

My son is an only child. He gets lonesome. Mama gets to play deer hunting, army games, and baseball. Sometimes she loves it, and sometimes she sacrificially endures. But one thing is for certain, I love that child with all I have and all I am. He is the miracle I prayed for. The joy of my life. And when he looks at me and tells me my new blonde tresses look weird and I cry--I can look back and laugh. And I love him all the more when he tells me, "Mama, you're still beautiful."

I love him because he makes me wonderful homemade cards on Mother's Day. I love him because he reminds me of what's important. The other day, he was browing myspace pictures with me, and I happened to comment on some of the more bizarre-looking people. And my son gently reminded me, "Yes, but that's how God made them, Mama." Granted, some of these have altered what God gave them with peircings, wild makeup, and tattoos. But yes, God made us all beautiful. It's when we try to be what we're not that we become, "weird." God loves us all, no matter what we do to ourselves. We do not need to change ourselves for his benefit, at least not on the outside. What we must focus on changing is on the inside. And more often than not, I am guilty of trying to change this on my own. I forget that He is the one that does the changing--that with His help I become who I am meant to be.

If I spent half the time I spend on my outward appearance in prayer and looking into that mirror of His word, a lot of things would change for the better on the inside. I need to stop trying to be what I am not, and be who He created me to be. Like my novel, I am a work in progress, and He is the Master craftsman who makes all things beautiful in His time. As time goes on, I will feel more aches and pains as I attempt to keep up with my little man. I will grow old with wrinkles and gray hair, and more rolls around the middle. But what I want him to remember about his mama is that she was beautiful inside and that she always took time to show him love, understanding, and the pathway to God. Pray that I can be a good mother to him all his days.


Sista Cala said...

44 degrees, ahhh, just right for me. Too bad I was already on a family adventure w/my BIL &SIL from Phoenix.

Kathleen Marie said...

Ha! I got a kick out of your camping experience. When we built and did MAJOR remodeling of this that we run we bought top notch mattresses from the Denver mattress company and put in cove heating. Our lodges are really like super nice homes. You just don't rough it much here although we do have three cabin clusters with a shower house but for some reason, guys always stay in those and they still have the heat and mattresses! No cot mattresses here!

I love the sentiments about your motherhood and precious son. Children are such a blessing from God!

Diane said...

You are too funny...and wonderfully wise! !!!!!

Yes, give that little guy another sibling! Take some of the pressure off of you.....44 degrees? Camping? I don't like sleeping inside when it's 44 degrees!!!!

What a great memory you've given him! You are a good mom!


Brigette Wagner said...

I am a mother of two beautiful little girls, Faith (now 11) and Hope (now 8). Being a mother is the most rewarding thing God has ever honored me with!

We mold and shape our children every day in everything we do. It's those little things we do for our children and the time we spend focusing our attention on them that they will remember when they're grown.

My children amaze me everyday, as they grow and mature, becoming more like Christ!

I'm certain your son will remember all those special times you spend with him and will cherish them in time to come!

Many, many blessings!