Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Job Update

Just an update. CWG has started a new job this week. Of course the first day, he took Frybaby, and I think he broke down like 4 times, having to stop and change the filters. Today he is in the truck. Thank God for backup vehicles. I am just thankful this didn't happen while we were in Atlanta. I have a feeling he did not filter his oil properly or something. Anyway, he's on Day#2, and everything else seems to be going good. Praise God who is faithful to supply our needs.
I seem to be having all the work I can handle too, so this is a good thing, although you may miss me around here a bit. I check in when I can, and hopefully will have more thought-provoking posts later in the week. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all your prayers during the last year. Now, I've got to run over and check on Heather.

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Sista Cala said...

LOL... you could have entitled this post; "Veggie Tales" :-)