Monday, February 19, 2007


You may have noticed a little ad to the left about the Ultimate Blog Party coming up the first part of next month. It will be here before you know it, so get your copy of the button and get ready to participate. There will be prizes and lots of new blogs to read and friends to be made. I'm thinking up a special post for my "Party Introduction." Not sure yet what all it will involve, but be looking for it here during party week. Hey, the kids all party during Spring Break, why can't we?

Speaking of Spring Break...I sure hope Puxatawny Phil was right. It's been cold as the Dickens here in Tennessee, and I'm about ready for some milder weather. I'm beginning to long for buttercups and crocus--and Bradford pears in bloom. As soon as it gets warmer, I'm going to start that outdoor walking routine. I'm at 33 lbs. lost, and I really need to get my behind in gear.

Thanks again for all you who participated in "My Story." If you haven't, please look in the archives on the sidebar, click on the link to read, and paste your story. You will be blessed by the ones that have posted. I guarantee it!

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