Saturday, March 25, 2006

This and That

I know this has been a really heavy month. Some of the posts have probably been a bit difficult for you to read, seeing as I share all my trials and tribulations here. But please don't stop coming by friends. I haven't forgotten how to have fun. Things will get better; you'll see.

I visit some of my friend's blogs when I am feeling blue, and they seem to do the trick. Southern Gal Goes North always seems to brighten my days, if you want to check out her blog. I also visit Holy Mama's blog regularly. She describes herself as "a sorta shallow Christian mom." I know she's not really shallow, she just likes to visit the fun side of life in her blog. Lisa and Diane both have great blogs, which I have linked to in the sidebar. My friend, JL has a men's blog that is really great (I peeked.) So some of you men who find my ramblings boring might check out his site. Queen of Hearts is another literary blog. She has interests that match mine, and I'm so glad we found something to share here.

I have been criticized lately for spending so much time in front of the computer blogging, instead of getting out and exercising. I have always enjoyed exercising my brain more than my body. It is no secret that I struggle with being overweight. I particulary enjoyed JL's most recent post pertaining to this, though. Men, it is important to edify the women in your life. Don't tear them down. Build them up. I deserved the criticism from my dear cousin. I sort of "belittled" those that go to the gym. But I was wrong in that. It was a way of making myself feel better for not going--to assuage my guilt. You go to the gym all you want. It's paying off, and you're looking great. And you will live much longer. I can't say that I have the will or determination to be that disciplined, much less lose over a 125 lbs. in a year. Tim, I am so proud of you. I do publicly apologize. If I could move you to Paris to motivate me daily, I would. I think it's awesome that you have a new lease on life. Gals, he's single and looking good. If you want his info, let me know.

Kudos to my sister as well, who has lost over 40 lbs. Way to go. I'm wearing that blue sweater of yours today. And yes, it does get bigger every time you wear it. But that's good for me.

Here's a survey that might keep you busy til I post again:

1) What is your favorite ethnic food? Mine: Italian.
2) What is your favorite comfort food? Mine: Mac N Cheese ( My granny's recipe)
3) Tell one of your most embarrassing moments: Me: Which one of my many falls do you want to hear about? The one at Dunkin Donuts? Or the time I tumbled down the stairs at the Opryland Hotel on a Senior trip with a skirt on?
4) Tell of a memorable adventure: Me: Climbing out of the cliff dwellings in New Mexico and crying the whole time, thinking I was going to fall off the cliff and die. (Because I'm so clumsy, it was a real fear.)
5) What is your favorite holiday movie? Me: There are so many. It's a Wonderful Life.
6) If your house caught on fire, what, besides your family or pets, would you save first? Me: I would try to drag my photos out. But I have so many of those. Maybe my disk with my work on it. Oh, and the box where I kept all my journals all these years.
7) Favorite comedy? Me: Lately I've been watching reruns of Friends, Roseanne (which isn't particularly fit to watch, but reminds me so much of me and my hubby), and I Love Lucy never fails.
8) Favorite drama: Me: Addicted to CSI and Law and Order.
9) Favorite flower: Ivory roses.
10) Favorite time of year: Summer.

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Praying for your Prodigal said...

Good-Sunday afternoon to you!

I will post my favorites later...I just wanted to tell glad I am that you are my blogging buddy! I love your autenticity, your vulnerability, your strong faith, your compassionate heart! Without sounding a bit like a blog-stalker :) --I just wanted to let you know...I wake up each morning...and pray for you and your family as I navigate my way to your blog! Thank you for your prayers for my family!