Wednesday, March 08, 2006


He had kissed her on the bookstore parking lot with snowflakes falling thick around them. Their world seemed magical, all the stars and planets perfectly aligned. Even the universe agreed that these two made each other complete. They talked of a November wedding, but that was much too far away--maybe September. Finally they settled on a Saturday in June, four months away. But what an eternity that would be for this young couple so madly in love. So much of their lives had already gone by alone. They could not wait to be together. Neither questioned the rightness of their decision. They just knew.

If they could have seen ten years into the future, would their decision have been the same? So much water has swept under the proverbial bridge and carried them places they never would have imagined. They have travelled many places, seen many things, experienced many sorrows and trials and tears. Yet it has not all been bad. They have brought a new life into the world--a life that has brought immeasureable joy to them through all these dark valleys. So far it has been their crowning moment.

They have managed to keep their chins above the threatening swell thus far. The struggle has beaten them down a bit, but still, they reach for one another in the night and cling to the hope of a better tomorrow. They aren't ready to abandon ship just yet. Too many battles have been fought and won for them to throw it all away now. Sure, sometimes when the wind seems especially bitter, the urge to run to safer climes is strong. But they realize there is no happiness apart from the other. They know winter is only a season. With the steady passage of time, it, too will fade into Spring. If they can make it through one more day...just one more day.


Praying for your Prodigal said...


You are a GIFTED writer! Keep writing girlfriend! It is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. That's BEAUTIFUL!


Sookie said...

He kissed her on the parking lot. That is quite a picture.