Friday, December 30, 2005

I Resolve To...

  1. Smile more.
  2. Speak more kind words.
  3. Criticize less.
  4. Spend more time with my son.
  5. Work on my physical health.
  6. Love more.
  7. Grieve less.
  8. Give more.
  9. Spend less.
  10. Be more myself and less of the person that I think others expect of me.


Lisa said...

Hi there!

Thanks first of all, for stopping at my blog! I'm fairly new to the "blogging" world as well. You'll pick up little things here and there.

I see you linked to my blog-good job. The whole linking thing still confuses me, but I'm able to look at the samples for help.

Pls email me at for your address. You are the winner for my Dec. contest! No one else has linked or let me know they have anyway. I'll send ya a book. Check out my previous post under Dec. contest to pick out which book you want.

Nice New Year's resolutions! I put mine together on my laptop the other day. I hadn't thought about sharing them-some are rather personal, but it's a good idea. Pros state that if one is to stand by a resolution, one must tell as many people as possible. hmmm, why are mine sitting on my laptop :)

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! It sounds like we could have much in common.

Take care and Happy New Year!!

Lisa said...

Hi Cynthia!
Hope all is well!!
Keep on a writing!