Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 8, 2005

School was closed today due to threat of bad weather. Now that's a funny thing to me. When we went to school, back in the good old days, we did not get out of school unless there was at least 3-5 inches of the white stuff on the ground. But having the technology we do today, we jump the gun at the slightest blip on the radar screens.

It didn't snow. It rained all morning. Last time I checked the temperature was 38 degrees. It is supposed to get colder tonight. At least I got to spend the day with my little boy, who was overjoyed that he did not have school. He was even more thrilled to find that on the Sci-Fi channel was The Incredible Hulk marathon, the old series. He was in kid heaven all morning.

I don't advocate hours and hours of television. I like to see kids play outside and use their imagination and muscles. But it was raining. He got his blocks and army men out and played for a couple of hours this morning. I figured The Incredible Hulk was harmless. That is, until he got to scuffling with me on the bed and kicked me right in the eye. I guess violence does have a greater impact than we think. Even if he was just play-acting, it still had a negative impact. I'll live. LOL.

I guess it wore him out; he's napping. That's what is great about being a kid. You can still nap whenever you like. Even if you fall asleep at a restaurant or movie, the grownups generally let you stay asleep because they enjoy the peace and quiet. Sigh. Peace and quiet. I remember those days.

Well, I hope everyone is getting all their shopping and entertaining done. Me, I'm just sitting around in my wool socks drinking coffee. And trying to stay out of the line of his feet. Be sweet y'all.

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