Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WW Planting Season

All my life I have been taught the Word of God. With age, I have found great fulfillment in the study of the Bible. Its depth and richness inexpressible. I find fresh bread every time I read it.

In Mark chapter four, Jesus shared with the multitudes a parable about a sower. Then he turned to the disciples and explained its meaning. He went on in verse 24 and exhorted them to hear the truth and meditate to understand it.

Most of the time preachers focus on the various places/soil that the seed fell on. Others will hammer on the fact that the seed is the Word. Still others who care not for true exegesis will turn it into a message on money. But there is one fact that I have rarely heard anyone give more than a mention.

A sower sows. For the seed to be sown it has to leave the sower's hands. It is essential for each Christian to keep the Word close to their heart. But they also have to be willing to share it in order to reap its full benefit. Saints can carry nothing with them to Heaven but souls that they have won along the way.

That's why I write these posts each week. I'm sowing the Word. Someone will bookmark or digg it. Sometimes a hungry soul will search for this site and receive the seed. At other times my efforts may ricochet off of a heart of stone. And even if a soul stumbles upon this seed of Truth and embraces it for only a moment, it is well worth the effort. And what of the Seed that is eaten by the birds? It will serve to fatten the bird or it will be deposited upon another plot of soil and have yet another opportunity to sprout.

That's why I wear a lighthouse pendant. It is a great door opener. When people ask about its significance I reply, "Jesus is the Light and He lives in my house." Sometimes they are speechless, sometimes they fall all over their own words trying to avoid talking about Jesus, and others just smile and say, "that's nice". Oh, but there is so much joy when there is that one with a genuine interest in learning more about my Savior.

"...For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap." Galatians 6:7b


C. H. Green said...

The thought comes to me, "Sown in weakness, raised in power." I need more power today. Thanks Sis. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Sista Cala said...

I think that "thought" fits right in with the post. The sower is the weak earthen vessel and it takes the power of God to cause the seed to sprout and grow.

Diane said...

Your comments provide as much food for thought as your post! Great post!

I have a nomination bracelet that has a cross and the star of David on it.....many people have asked me how I can wear both! It is a great conversation starter about Jesus.

Sowing the seed indeed.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the reminder, sista cala!

I have just ordered from a Christian website on line cards (like business cards) that have words of encouragement that I plan to hand out to others...that too could be used as a door opener.

Idea-Standing in line with a "grump"--hand a card to him/her...these cards have scripture on various themes like faith, hope, etc.

Of course on certain days, I could be classified the grump, maybe someone could hand me one?

Have a nice day!