Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Fun

I know Diane and the rest of you are probably sick of the snow, but we rarely get enough to actually play in, so I posted some of my boys fun. Now that that's over, bring on the Spring!!!


Diane said...

THAT's the kind of snow I like...the playful, surprise it's here today--gone tomorrow snow! THAT we never get in Minnesota.

I'm so glad your boys had such a good time in the snow...the sledding looked like it was just the right amount of snow!

And I didn't see any frostbite on those smiling it really looked fun!

Thanks for sharing these fun photos.


Sista Cala said...

Too bad I couldn't come and play. But I'm glad my golden boy had a great time. I wouldn't mind getting some of those pics in an email. Thank you.

Lisa said...

Oh, to find the "good" in wintertime! What a blessing!

When my children were younger, I could experience these carefree days of building a snowman and sliding down a big hill...yes, I actually did those things! :)

I enjoyed the wonder of the joy of playtime in the snow! Maybe grandkids (in the future!) will bring that back out of me! ;)

I have enjoyed when the sun glistened the trees, but unfortunately we haven't seen much sun :)

Thanks for brings back fond memories!

But on to Spring! I had to put that, you know.