Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Review of A Shadow of Treason--Welcome Blog Tourists!

The 2nd in the trilogy chronicling the Spanish Civil War is out, and Tricia Goyer has done it again. If you enjoyed Valley of Betrayal, then you are sure to love A Shadow of Treason.

Sophie's saga continues in this second work, the story of an American painter with a big heart and big dreams. But Michael's behavior has left her with questions about his loyalties. The stakes are high as the conflict continues and the espionage and treason heightens their dangerous quest. Sophie's heart is challenged to stretch beyond its boundaries in forgiveness, compassion, and love. She is forced with the choice of saving herself or saving Spain.

"I need God more than ever, but have I sought to fulfill the need? Have I prayed about Spain's pain? About Michael? About the gold?"

We find ourselves hovering in a breathless suspense wondering if letters from her treasured Bible will help her decide. And what if Sophie fails her mission? Will an entire people be doomed?

You will love to read Tricia's new book to findout. It is well written, well researched, and well done, my friend. Well done, Tricia Goyer!

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Anonymous said...

When I first saw the man in the picture I almost jumped out of my skin. He looks so much like my Dad.
Dad has been gone now for over 21yrs.

And I love the side pic of your sis.