Wednesday, November 14, 2007

365 Days a Year

One would have to be blind to miss all the Christmas decorations that fill the aisles. One would have to be deaf to miss the caroles that fill the air. One would have to be in the deepest rain forest to have no sensation of the season that is upon us. Yet, this world is filled with folks that are in the dark about the reason for this season.

There is hope for all who are blind, deaf, and hardened by sin. The Good News is recorded in the Bible. Originally delivered over 2000 years ago to heal, save, and set free. His birth is the real reason for the season. His name is Jesus and He came to live, love, die, rise, ascend, and return to take believers to live with Him forever. Isaiah 61:1-3 records His purpose as foretold by the prophet. Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of that prophecy is found in Luke 4:16-21.

He is not the Scrooge and he's not Santa Clause. He is the giver of life. And He gives gifts to all who serve Him. His miracle working power is not confined to 34th Street. And with Him, you can have a wonderful life; 365 days a year.

Wishing more than the world's Happy Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

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Diane said...

Isn't this the truth!!!!

I really appreciate how you bring to life....the principles of what many call a historical literature. It (HIS Word) is for is real.....Jesus is the reason for THIS season and every day of our lives.!