Sunday, June 01, 2008

Things Change

If things look different around here, it is because they are. I moved over Memorial Day weekend, and the wreath blew out of the truck and got run over twice. It is somewhere between here and there. Therefore, the new name, "Gone With the Wreath." Eventually I will have something more creative or create an entirely new blog. But for now it will suffice.

As for moving, it has been quite the experience, as moving tends to be. It has not been without some little kinks, but nothing that could not be straightened out with a few days work and a little ingenuity. I know one thing. I have been spoiled for the last 12 years. But living beyond my means is partially what got me here, so I am learning to conserve, make do, do without, and I am trying to develop a healthy attitude about it. That part is hard for me.

But I am blessed to have a wonderful extended family, and they have chipped in and done whatever needed doing. For that I am forever grateful. Hopefully soon I can get back on a regular blogging and writing schedule. I miss you all.

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Delia said...

Moving is a horrible form of torture. I firmly believe this. Or at least it feels that way since I hate the process of moving. The excitement of discovering a new home is altogether different, though.

I hope you're better at unpacking than I am. lol. I moved about two years ago and still have stuff in the garage and the master closet that I haven't unpacked. Guess it's not anything I truly need. I should just donate them, as is, to our church for their upcoming yard sale.

I hope ya'll get settled in easily.