Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lessons from an Ancient Storm

Last week's post came on the heels of a trio of tornadoes. Thank God we have been storm-free since then. Cleanup efforts are well underway. People from nearby states have joined the locals in demolition and repairs. It is a beautiful thing to see a community working together to find housing for those who have been displaced.

Acts 27:14,15 references a similar storm. The King James version refers to it as a tempestuous wind. The NIV refers to it as a wind of hurricane force. Euroclydon was not just a passing storm, it was one that could last for days. In this account, its destructive forces battered Paul's ship for fourteen days.

It was so powerful that the ship's crew had to relinquish control of the helm. Then they brought the lifeboat aboard. Additional precautions were taken to keep the ship together. The sails were lowered in efforts to keep them from being driven into the sandbars. And everything that could be thrown overboard was tossed. They lost all hope of being saved.

Everyone that is, except the Apostle Paul. He had received a message from an angel of God. He explained it to the centurion. Their salvation was dependant upon staying with the ship. The storm worsened. Even when daylight came, they could not discern a shoreline. In a last ditch effort to save themselves they hastened the destruction of the ship.

As the ship broke apart, those that could swim headed for the shore. Others clung to the remnants of the boat and floated to safety. Because they stayed with the ship, even the broken pieces, they survived. Not one life was lost.

The storms of our life may range from little sprinkles to devastating typhoons. It is certain that we will try everything in our power to stay intact as we ride through them. At times we may lose our grip. And there may be times that we will feel hopeless. It is in those times that we must seek the Lord, listen to His voice, obey His commands, and trust that He will keep us safe in His care.


Diane said...

Powerful! Powerful! true...and so good to remember when we are in the midst of our storms.


C. H. Green said...

Powerful, powerful message Sis. I loved the image of clinging to the broken pieces. Even if your ship seems to be falling apart, find that little bit of wiggle room, that bit of hope, and hang on!

Anonymous said...

you gotta stay floating if you can't do anything else. good read. dena