Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back to School Blues

I just noticed my little weather pixie has a bikini on. I wouldn't even wear a bikini if I was a size 0. But she looks cute in one, and the weather is perfect for one. Hot!

Went to a back-to-school bash last night. My son did not want to go. I went and met his teacher. Seems my Tom Sawyer vacation has backfired on me. What I meant to be an educational journey has turned out to be complete inspiration for my six-year-old. He says he is not going back to school. He is going to spend his days on the river like Huck and Tom. I made the mistake of letting him buy a toy corncob pipe as a souvenier too. Now he's fascinated with putting something in it to burn -- not necessarily smoke mind you. Sigh. After watching the school master spank Tom with a large switch, he promptly went to the yard and found one. But it's for his aunt to use on his 2-year-old cousin. LOL. He gave it to her the other night. And she says it is working. (This is not meant to get into a corporal punishment debate today, but suffice it to say, it's not a lost art. And if done correctly is not abuse.) Yet I know there will be comments, so let 'em fly. I'd like to hear what methods work best for you -- Behavioral Modification? Redirection? Taking something away? Positive reinforcement? Grounding?

My biggest worry is that my son will do as a child from our church did one time, leave school and attempt to walk the three miles home. My son knows the route home. And does not seem the least intimidated by the Principal or any consequences of playing hooky. Let's just hope he loves First Grade as much as he loved Kindergarten, and we won't have to face that problem. He goes for half a day tomorrow, and his first full day is Monday. Can't believe it's time already. But I can't say I'm sad.


MugwumpMom said...

Back to school already? When did they get out? Our's don't go back till Sept 5..and my last will be in grade 12! Yeehaa..bring on the university bills!

Ahhhh...the joyful days of playing hooky! I have some awfully fond hooky memories...will have to post about it sometime!

C. H. Green said...

They got out the last week of May. It seems like we used to go back the day after Labor Day.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

School? Already? WOW! We start school here the last week in August..which I think is a crime! Used to be (back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in school) we started school after Labor Day and finished before Memorial Day. THAT's a good education time-table!

However, since the School District has not contacted me for an opinion--I send Sam off to HIGH SCHOOL later this month. HIGH SCHOOL! YIKES! A middle-aged mother parenting a high schooler--there's a recipe for disaster!

Maybe school SHOULD start earlier and go later!


Delia said...

Mine started back yesterday. One in Kindergarten (P1 it's called here), 1 in 4th grade, 1 in 5th, 2 in 12th. We also have one attending college but she doesn't live at home anymore and besides her classes won't start until the last of the month.

Lol, I have a mental image of a little boy playing Tom Sawyer and sneaking out of school to trek home. But, that wouldn't really be funny in real life though. I'll be praying that he loves First Grade and doesn't try to make his own way home.

Lei said...

We are ready, ready, oh-so-ready for school to start!

Sounds like you've had a fun summer!!!