Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Wicked weather rolled through Henry County this afternoon leaving some people homeless not very far from us. It seems the tornados have gotten particularly dangerous in the last decade. Maybe it's the technology we have to predict them and follow them that makes us more aware of them.

My son was sick all night, so he was home from school. We hid in the laundry room with Maggie, my little weather dog. She had scratched on the door a full 20 minutes before it hit. We prayed that God would keep everyone safe. Inside I was secretly glad that he was home with me. The schools were under lockdown. Some kids in Stewart County did not get home until after dark.

Our power went out, and the telephones as well. We had no way of knowing if the storm was truly over and what damage had ocurred. Finally when the power returned we saw that some homes a couple of miles from us had been obliterated. Several went to the hospital, but no fatalities that we have heard yet. I was so thankful we were all ok.

My family lives in Jackson, Tennessee where a major F5 hit a couple of years ago destroying downtown and many other sections of the city. It was no surprise that my sister called me to make sure we had weathered the storm. They know the power of nature. They know when the weatherman says to take cover to not delay.

It is heartbreaking to see the families that have lost all. There, but for the grace of God, go I. Yes, we have much to give thanks for...

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