Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday Mornings at Our House

Another Saturday home with my son. Who knew having wrestling matches and building clubhouses could be so much fun? Still, I can feel that I'm forty. All I want to do is get my housecleaning done and put my feet up. Yet, they are only little once.

He wants me to play Finding Nemo with him. Next it will be Monopoly, Jr., Candyland, Operation, and on and on and so forth, until he has depleted his supply. This is the problem with only children. Sure, they mature faster, having only adults to converse with, but do they really learn to relate to their peers in a way that they should? I was so proud of him. We went out with some friends last night to eat at Cracker Barrell. He was such the little gentleman. Of course I credit this to my threatening him within an inch of his life before we ever got in the car.
Still, it was nice to have a meal out with another couple, and not have to discipline him all night.

Here in the South, many children spend the weekend with their grandparents. I wish it could be that way with my son. He has one grandparent locally who doesn't get out much anymore. He has the beginnings of Alzheimer's. We take my son to visit him regularly. I still fear the day will come when we will visit and be strangers to him. I lived through something of that nature with my father. It is not something I wish for my husband to have to endure. Three of my grandparents are still living, and I try to glean as much as possible from them before their candles burn out. I think we as a society tend to discard our elderly instead of giving them the honor their lives deserve. Some day we will be old. Will my son still want to spend time with me then? I smile as I think of him, and realize he's waiting. Maybe today he will let me win. Smile.

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