Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fun Scavenger Hunt

Saw the coolest scavenger hunt today. It was sponsored by HP, and the lady had to find all these things around Chicago in -9 degree wind chill. It was part of a Postie Patrol. She went around taking photos and videos and had to bring some items back to the judges. My favorite part was when they wrote I luv HP across her forehead. I was wondering if it was a permanent marker, but I guess for all those prizes I would have. I think it's awesome to be able to take pics and instantly upload or print them. Digital Photo Printing

She got a digital camera, paper, printer, t-shirt, memory stick, and a 1,000.
Man, I sure could have used that digital camera this past holiday season. It was such a pain to take pics with the cell phone and then try to post them. I would be able to share so much more with you guys. Although as much as I hate cold weather, it would truly be a difficult thing for me to do. She had to lie in the snow and try to make a snow angel for crying out loud. Can you picture my big behind in the snow trying to do that? I'd have to have a crane to get me back up. LOL. And if it was permanent marker, she'll be telling the world she loves HP for a while.

This post was sponsored by Pay Per Post and HP.


pt2006 said...

Was it Hewlitt Packard or Harry Potter she loved? :)

Need I remind you that You could/ can do all things with Christ's help?

C. H. Green said...

Hewlitt Packard of course. I boycott Harry Potter.